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Traffic access to Brunnen Nord is to be established as a temporary solution via the railway station area during the first construction phase. This includes a temporary new road layout created by Hertipark AG on the basis of a contract concluded with the SBB, the municipality of Ingenbohl and the Canton of Schwyz. The implementation and construction of the design and layout of the road (a roundabout, marked with paint) was begun in January 2015 and completed in June 2015 and is now in operation.


The planning process for the cube building, head-end structure south, has been initiated. The plan provides for mixed use with a balanced ratio of residential, commercial, and industrial space, comprising a total of 9,000 m² GFA with considerable flexibility of use.


From July 2015, additional letters of intent (LOI) were signed by future tenants and investors.

The Future

32'000 m2
In a central position, directly next to Brunnen Station

Most of the seven former SBB warehouses on the Hertipark Brunnen property (32,000 m2), the condition of which permits no further use, were demolished. The lot will now be gradually redeveloped. The aim is to create a uniformly designed quarter with mixed use, which offers a versatile space that can cater to as many needs as possible.

Urmiberg development axis

The Hertipark Brunnen area, with a surface area of approximately 32,000 m2, is currently located in an industrial zone with unlimited floor area ratio. The rezoning procedure which will result in an open construction zone with mixed use of residential, service, commercial and retail spaces, will be carried out as part of the current cantonal utilisation plan, Brunnen Nord section, which is to enter into force in the spring of 2016.

The project enjoys substantial support from the municipality of Ingenbohl-Brunnen and the Canton of Schwyz.

A new part of the town takes shape

When completed, approximately 1,400 new jobs will be created in the Brunnen-Nord development area in the municipality of Ingenbohl-Brunnen If an average residential ratio were achieved, this would create housing for 1,200 people.

The Proposal


The first phase of construction – from 2016 to 2019 – includes a usable gross floor area of 24,000m2. The urban structures proposed in the legally binding design plan allow for a variety of uses: commercial, retail space (shops), offices, services and housing, providing enough space for virtually any need. In effect, almost any building request can thus be implemented.

Phase I
Building A

During Construction Phase I, we would like to create a cube structure, House A for residential/service and commercial use, comprising approximately 9,000 m² GFA.


Further information about the building typology


Our strategic concept: Economic activity and residential features

The advantages of Brunnen as a business location, in addition to its development potential, are obviously to be found in the advantageous tax regime of the Canton of Schwyz, its central communications position for access to the major cities of Lucerne, Zug and Zürich as well as its attractive surroundings on Lake Lucerne. 

An outstanding site – Connections and development

Hertipark Brunnen lies on Europe’s main north-south transport axis. Within a very short time you can reach major centres such as Zug, Zürich or Lucerne via the motorway network as well as Zürich International Airport. Brunnen lies in Schwyz (population approximately 50,000); it is directly linked into an efficient bus system as well as regional and international railway lines.

Design Plan

In a favourable position in close proximity to Brunnen Station, lies lot GB 1402 of Hertipark AG. The lot is currently zoned for industrial purposes. The zoning regulations specify no utilisation factor. According to Article 60 of the Building Regulations, building and ridge heights of 20 m are permitted in the industrial zone. In the design plan this building height in the industrial zone will be maintained in accordance with standard construction practices. 




















A corresponding design plan with an environmental impact assessment is in place for the first phase which covers an area of 22,000 m², and which was issued by the Governing Council of the Canton of in October 2011; it is therefore legally recognised.

Phase I of the design plan contains a gross floor area of 35,000 m². It is anticipated that 10,000 m² of this will be used for services, 9,500 m² for shops/retail and 15,500 m² for commercial purposes/services. The site also includes over780 parking spaces.


Urmiberg development axis – cantonal utilisation plan, Brunnen-Nord section

The Hertipark in Brunnen Nord, comprising an area of approximately 32,000 m², is located in an industrial zone with unlimited floor area ratio. The industrial zone is to be rezoned into an open construction zone with mixed residential and industrial uses (services, commercial, retail spaces, offices) as part of the current cantonal utilisation planning process, which envisions 12,000 m² GFA of residential space in the first stage. The rezoning is to take place and enter into force in the spring of 2016.

The project enjoys substantial support from the municipality of Ingenbohl-Brunnen and the Canton of Schwyz.

Construction of the centre with mixed use

A mixed-used complex is being built in place of the former warehouses. The project adds value to the area and connects it spatially, as it provides a link between the Brunnen railway station and the development area in the North East.

Streets like boulevards

The two six-storey developments (ground floor plus 5) are developed across a spacious square: a predominantly commercial building along the railway tracks and individual buildings, which form the boulevard-like street, along the Industriestrasse. A promenade will be created between the developments.


Sailing in Brunnen

Sailing in Brunnen

Skiing - view of Brunnen from the Fronalpstock 

Brunnen with lake and mountains "Mythen"

Brunnen at the Lake Lucerne

Brunnen at the Lake Lucerne

Panorama with Brunnen

Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne (KKL)

Einsiedeln Abbey

Leisure and education

In addition to the advantages already mentioned, the Brunnen region of Schwyz possesses an unspoilt environment, outstanding schools and a wide range of cultural and leisure activities with the lake and the neighbouring mountains. A high quality of life is guaranteed. An increasing number of companies and people are choosing the Canton of Schwyz, with Innerschwyz as a place for doing business and a place for living. Make Brunnen the centre of your life.

High School Theresianum Brunnen

High School of Canton Schwyz

High School of Canton Schwyz

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